Taking a Look at Fair Trade

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The open markets are filled with competitors trying to trade and sell their goods and services.

Fair Trade laws are enacted to provide an equal opportunity in the marketplace for developing countries and small producers of goods. To protect their financial economies, .governments intervene by placing huge taxes and quotas on exports, to restricting producers who try to flood the markets with their products. This intervention also helps those producers who are facing unfair trading practices. Companies who provide cheaper made products, can cause a deficit for any country by flooding their economy with these exports. Fair trade prevent this and provides developing countries with the opportunity to provide merchandise that is not readily provided to the consumer. Fair trade helps provides jobs in developing countries and protect them from the abuses of monopolization. To solve this problem, there must be a fair exchange for goods and services. If these practices are allowed to continue, we as the consumer, will be paying higher prices at the stores.


Fair trade practices and legislation

Does it really help the markets remain fair?

Business in the domestic and global markets have become saturated with competition which laid claim from smaller producers of goods and services; that they were being left out of the markets for the reasons of competing prices. The concept of 'fair trade' was introduced to provide these individuals with a way to compete against the pressures of the big giants of producers of goods and have equal position to sell goods in the markets. This opportunity allows ...

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... of remaining fair with a collection of antitrust laws. The laws ensure that there is not monopolization of products, price fixing to destroy competitors and over charging the consumer.

The open market is filled with such competition that producers are unable to compete in the market against the larger companies and develop countries. Laws have been enacted to protect the small producers and the consumers from harm. To fix this dilemma, we must provide equal opportunity in the open markets. The unfair practices of monopolization, the continuous price fixing will keep our markets unequally attainable and high prices will keep the money of consumer in their pockets. If these practices are allowed to continue, turning our heads and ignoring the problem will not make it go away. It is all about fair trading in the markets and fair prices for the consumer.
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