Factors in Sociology

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William Julius Wilson is an American sociologist who is currently a professor at Harvard University. He has examined race-relations in the United States, specifically amongst American Americans. In his most noted work, The Declining Significance of Race, he identifies a diversion amongst middle and lower class Blacks. When Blacks attain success, they often times move out of urban neighborhoods. This leaves these neighborhoods unable to thrive. Without strong moral values and high unemployment, crime seems to be an outlet for many of a community’s inhabitant. Wilson’s believes the class division goes all the way back to slavery. Industrialization was the main focus of the North, and Blacks were given more of an equal opportunity. Capitalism allowed Blacks to thrive in their communities. Due to the factory strikes amongst whites, many Blacks were brought in to work the positions. This created tension between Blacks and whites. This is the opposite relationship that occurred in the South. During this time Blacks were not treated as equal, they were still seen as owned property with little to no rights and were to follow their slave masters. The role of the middle class was to keep the lower class below them economically by controlling who works and who does not. This kept racism alive during the industrialization period in America. . The middle class is often the representation of the American society. This class is often seen as the reason for institutional racism in this country This class is always changing economically and politically and has demanded more from the government. Many lower class whites had to worry about the blacks taking their jobs. This is also another reason for the racial division amongst blacks and w... ... middle of paper ... ...ace, and class there is no difference in their potential, because there have been highly intelligent and successful individuals born in all genders, races, and classes. The only difference is the individual’s access to opportunities to reach their potential. Therefore, societies determination of what classifies an individual’s gender, race, and class plays the role in determining and individuals potential. if it was socially acceptable for any gender, race, or class to pursue anything they wish, and society allowed equal access to education regardless of gender, race, and class then anyone and everyone has an unlimited potential. Society is the ultimate factor to an individual’s success based upon social differences and acceptance of class, gender and most importantly race. Current social norms are to blame for the unequal representation of Blacks in America.

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