Civil War

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The election of Lincoln, secession of the southern states and the Confederate States of America Constitution set the stage for the bloodiest and saddest war in American history. Before the Civil War even began the nation was divided into four very distinct regions; Northeast, Northwest, Upper south and the Southwest. With two fundamentally different labor systems, slavery in the south and wage labor in the North, the political, economic and social changes across the nation would show the views of the North and the South. The civil war was based on the abolitionists' ideas of emancipation and liberation of slavery the North wanted the war in order to create a society without slavery. The North's aggression to control the south lead to the where were it was no longer tolerable for the South. With the election of the anti-slavery Republican Abraham Lincoln, the southern states decided they had to take drastic action in order to protect their own interests. The south had been waiting for an excuse to secede form the union, the election of Lincoln by the North was their chance. The Northern abolitionists' states were mainly responsible for the Civil war in many political, social and economic aspects. Politically, the Northerners contributed immensely to the opening of the Civil War. John Brown's Raid at Harpers Ferry made the south believe the Northerners had a whole scheme to ban slavery. The South wondered how or why they would remain in the Union when a "murderous gang of abolitionists" were running around. Southerners also believed that this violent abolitionist's view was a common one shared by the entire North. This act of the North made the South resent the North's pushy ways and begin to think of leaving the Union. The Dred... ... middle of paper ... ...nt to the south to free the slaves from their masters and the Underground Railroad that secretly moved slaves from safe house to safe house until they were in Canada, tremendously angered the South. They realized that they needed to fight in order to get the independence they wished for, so then there could therefore do what they wished. Politically, the North further split the views on issues and developed more laws against slavery in the South. Socially the North strengthened their own cause in the because of things like Uncle Tom's cabin; that lead to Northerners forming the Underground Railroad. Economically, the South was crushed with protection tariffs that emptied out southern pockets. The North most definitely contributed to the Political, Social and Economic issues that divided and angered the country in the time before 1861; eventually leading to Civil War.
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