The Importance Of The American Middle Class

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The American middle class is defined as a social class in the United States. It is the class of people in the middle of a social hierarchy. There are people in the United States middle class as well as other countries and this class of people has specific issues and interests that they are concerned with. Issues such as the health care reform, the financial reform, making college affordable, and housing. By dealing with these specific issues, the middle class has to vote, making them the middle class voters. In the middle class, there are four sections and all three make up the middle class. And in that middle class are the middle class voters, a small chuck of it. The middle class has been considered as homogenous, but with that different…show more content…
The American dream is the“…national ethos of the United States, the set of ideals (Democracy, Rights, Liberty, Opportunity, and Equality)” (Wiki), seems to be where the “anxious class” would be. The numbers prove to be right, but the people in this tier think otherwise. Only 16% of the “anxious class” is highly satisfied with their lives, but out of the other groups, they are most likely to be dissatisfied with the “way things are going in this country.” Many in this group earn 50,000 or more a year and no one earns less than 30,000. Their position in the middle isn’t prosperous or poor, making them the “anxious class.” Unlike the top of the class, the “anxious class” is split in half with female and males making this the group where the gender isn’t predominant (assuming that there are only two genders and not…show more content…
“There is a wide belief that Americans are less class conscious than Europeans” (Vanneman). Because the United States consumes more than any other country, the global economy relies on our consumption. “The middle class is an ambiguous social classification, broadly reflecting the ability to lead a comfortable life” (Kharas). During the industrial revolution, there were aristocrat traditions in royalty, class, and rank in Europe. In America, the industrial revolution was coming of a wealthy nation. The United States is has a two party system, Republicans and Democrats. The Democrats wanted more people in the middle class, mainly blacks and immigrants. The Republicans wanted to protect the people who were already in the middle class, whites, and successful working people. The middle class in America is sometimes threatened by its own success. “The definition of the middle class is the people of generic roots like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Robert Johnson, and Sam Walton can become billionaires” (Hockenberry). Not everyone who is in the middle class can become a billionaire and using their stories as an example is the death of the American

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