Factors That Influence Identity Essay

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In today’s society, there has been a greater emphasis on identity than in the past. The perception of identity has changed due to the growing human population, and being able to distinguish oneself from the general population. Identity is the uniqueness of a person. As people get older, their identity might change since they become more aware of the society and also are more independent. By creating and recognizing an identity, one can interact with others who have a similar identity. Identity can be formed socially. There are several factors that influence an identity. One of the factors that influences identity is the culture a human being was raised in. There are many different types of cultures on Earth, and each culture has its own set of norms. These set of norms puts pressure of the human being to act in a certain way. This, as a result, influences …show more content…

There is no doubt that parents can have an influence on children. It is very crucial for the parents to make the right choices as those choices will influence their children. The family environment, such as religion and politics, influences children into creating a certain type of identity. If a child is raised in a Catholic house, then the chances are that the person’s religious identity will be Catholic. The same type of concept applies to politics. As the person grows older, they may alternate their identity from what they were taught when they were young (Mahalihali). When a person chooses a different identity from that of his parents or family, another identity is created. An example of this phenomenon is described when a teenager chooses to be a homosexual which clashes with their family identity. Society might label this type of behavior as unruly, which will then have an effect on the social identity. Some people might try to avoid people with a bad social identity in order to keep their good identity intact (Deaux

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