The Myth of the Latin Woman

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Identity is a group of characteristics, data or information that belongs exactly to one person or a group of people and that make it possible to establish differences between them. The consciousness that people have about themselves is part of their identity as well as what makes them unique. According to psychologists, identity is a consistent definition of one’s self as a unique individual, in terms of role, attitudes, beliefs and aspirations. Identity tries to define who people are, what they are, where they go or what they want to be or to do. Identity could depend on self-knowledge, self-esteem, or the ability of individuals to achieve their goals. Through self-analysis people can define who they are and who the people around them are. The most interesting point about identity is that some people know what they want and who they are, while it takes forever for others to figure out the factors mentioned before. Many of the individuals analyzed in this essay are confused about the different possible roles or positions they can adopt, and that’s exactly the reason they look for some professional help. In order to better understand the different kinds of identity or how it is modified over time, it is important to analyze some texts. “The Myth of the Latin Woman” by Cofer and the two episodes of In treatment Season One, Week one: “Alex” and “Sophie” are going to provide a base to discuss identity problems or diffusions in this essay. When the characters are deeply analyzed, readers will notice how various social frameworks have influenced them. Culture, education and interaction with different social groups are factors that induce the formation of these people’s personalities. All these characters are seen from different per... ... middle of paper ... ...ferent cultures. The author explains different situations she has been exposed to throughout her life. The main factor that differentiates her case from the others is her level of education. She has been educated and has been exposed to two different cultures. Due to these factors, she knows how to behave under different circumstances. A good example is when a drunk man offended her and she reacted by walking away instead of creating a big discussion. Maria’s friend complemented her for the cool handling of the situation. Another reason why she feels so proud of herself is because she took advantage of that education chance and does everything possible to keep growing up. She explains that sometimes she is sent to that “kitchen” where she belongs. Her genes will follow her everywhere and not matter where she is at, people will keep asking her where is she from.

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