Exploitation Of Children

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Soldiering and Exploitation of Children
The United Nations Children Fund describes child soldiers as “any child-boy or girl- under eighteen years of age, who is part of any kind of regular or irregular armed force or armed group in any capacity.” Children have been enslaved into military positions for many years. Using children as soldiers is spreading throughout the world, but is most predominant in third world countries. These third world countries have been growing more advanced in technology, which is causing child soldiers to become more common. The horrible sights and experiences that children in these countries experience are devastating. Although in most cases the uses of child soldiers are similar, the long lasting effect on each of these children individually is heartbreaking. Bolivia, Afghanistan, and Uganda are three countries where the horrors of children use in the military are most predominate.
Bolivia, a country located in South America, has many agricultural problems, such as soil erosion and deforestation. Bolivia’s agricultural problems are one of the reasons why children are being put to work. Many children work with their families in the agriculture of sugar cane and nuts. Entire families are often indebted to these industries, and are completely dependent on them for their basic survival of food and shelter. In Bolivia, the exploitation of children in sexual situations, as drug couriers, and as soldiers are high. Forty percent of Bolivia’s army is under the age of eighteen. Most of these children come from rural areas, where there is little protection. Shortly after the rights of children were acknowledged, the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiering began the attempt to free these child captive...

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...loited in paramilitary forces, an organization operating as or in place of a regular military force. These young soldiers have increased tremendously over time. The types of jobs these children are forced to endure are devastating. The lasting effects these children have as a result of their experiences, both visually and participating in, are overwhelming and disturbing. Children are often left with severe mental and physical health problems, if they are fortunate enough to survive. In the year 2000, the United Nations developed a protocol on the rights of children involved in armed conflict. Many other agencies are attempting to rescue and heal the scars of child soldiers. Rehabilitation is extensive and often unsuccessful because these scarred and brainwashed children are unable to assimilate back into society and believe these lethal gangs are their family.
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