Child Prostitution

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Visualize a young girl about eleven years old, handcuffed to a bed in a brothel and forced to provide pleasure to many men in one night. Also, visualize this young girl living in horrible needy circumstances, after many deceitful promises of a better and healthier life. Now, imagine this girl is your own child, sister or relative. How does that feel? These are such unpleasant and horrid thoughts, but these actions are very common in the United States and throughout the world. Everyday, young girls are exploited and used to satisfy adult sexual desires without feeling guilty or ashamed. Child prostitution is a major public concern in the United States and it must stop.
One of the biggest factors that make a child more vulnerable to child prostitution than another is unavailability of food, shelter, clothing, and additional resources. “Police officers, academic researchers, and social workers agree that poverty makes teenagers much more vulnerable to sex traffickers” (Shen, 2013). An offender would not select an adolescent that belongs from a wealthy family, solely due to the fact that he or she is fully aware that the family of the child is capable of taking care of the child. In a wealthy family, complete attention is given to the child in the household. Because of that, the chances are the offender would get caught and be charged guilty of the heinous crime. Proper support from family and friends does prevail. Therefore, a child suffering from poverty or poor family background is more vulnerable to child prostitution, as he or she has no support system, or the resources like the wealthy and fortunate children.
Another major factor that makes a child more vulnerable to child prostitution is no or poor education. Many of these ...

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