Experiment on Blood Pressure

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Blood Pressure

There was a series of people used in this experiment to look at blood pressure. The first step was to take the subjects normal blood pressure, then after showing them a scary clip retakes the blood pressure. While taking blood pressure consider age, weight, family history, commitment and gender to see if the subject has low or high blood pressure normally. After receiving all the data the charts that were made were based on age and gender.

“Blood pressure is the measurement of blood going against blood vessels” (Causes). People can have naturally high or low blood pressure but the book normal is 120 over 80, but everyone has a different normal. When people become scared their blood pressure naturally goes up because of fight or flight response. When someone becomes scared or frightened the body starts to react. Those reactions are there to get your body ready to run or fight from danger (Fight-or-flight). There are three steps in the flight or fight and during those steps is when you blood pressure will increase. “When comparing women and men in flight or fight women blood pressure and heart rate increase more because the women are more likely to anticipate what will come next”(Women's).
When people go to a haunted house or watch a scary movie they might notice their body changing. For the independent research project blood pressure was checked based on age and gender before then after shown a scary clip. When measuring people blood pressure he or she might have had other problems with blood pressure based of weight, family history or stress. Must observe those types of things while performing the experiment because it could mess up the data.
If the subject is shown a scary clip after taking their normal blo...

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...nder has a lot more to do with changing blood pressure than age. The only time age really mattered in this was when the group children. The younger subject had high blood pressure the second time because they didn’t quite understand what the clip was but knew it was scary. Overall this experiments goal was accomplished by either research or data.

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