Examples Of Family Conflict

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It doesn’t happen once, nor does it happen twice. It comes and goes without a warning, and it’s different each time. I was born into a family with episodes of conflict between its members. Sometimes it would be between just my mom and my dad. Other times it would be between my parents and their relatives. It never mattered who were involved in the conflict; the truth of the matter is that whenever a serious conflict erupted, it affected me in some major way. Growing up in a family constantly holding grudges and brewing up heated arguments between one another has changed my ability to trust, to love, and changed the way I perceived life. Firstly, an important family conflict that affected my ability to trust was when I was around five years old when my mom and her sister-in-law developed a chronic dislike for each other because of me. It all started because my aunt got irritated after my mom asked my…show more content…
That I was a burden on everyone’s shoulders. I started to doubt if my parents really did care for me. Because of the conflict between my aunt and my mom, I started to have trust issues. Whenever my parents would show me affection, I would hesitate. Eventually, I lost trust in my parents. By the time I was nine years old, I slowly began to realize that my aunt was over-exaggerating during the argument, and my parents’ affections had been honest and truthful. I can’t recall why I trusted my aunt more than my parents, but five year old Kevin wasn’t exactly the brightest child on the planet to begin with. I suppose because I spent so much time at my grandma’s house, I developed a deeper connection with my aunt than I did with my parents. I could never tell if someone was being honest with me or if they were trying to manipulate me into doing something that could’ve resulted in trouble. I became very cautious about whom I would open up to. As a result, I became very shy and

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