Examples Of Conflict In A Relationship

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Conflict in a Relationship Many couples face conflict in relationships every day. Some are able to compromise or even solve the conflict depending on how well they communicate with each other. Sometimes conflicts can be solved and sometimes conflicts cannot be solved. In this case, my conflict kept appearing very often in my relationship so I finally decided to take action and end the relationship with my ex-boyfriend. I was first attracted to this guy because he was fun to talk to and had a good personality. We began to hangout and did not really get to know each other very well and before I knew it we were in a serious relationship. This relationship last two years and in those two years I found myself miserable. If you asked my best friends,…show more content…
At the very beginning I had fun with this person. Towards the end, the only rewards I got were presents from his family. The cost I paid for staying in this relationship for so long was that I wasted two whole years of my high school life. I did not have time to experience “high school” like everyone talks about it. On the weekends I rarely did anything with my friends, instead I going straight home and only hanging out with my boyfriend who did not go to the same high school as me. The social penetration theory in this relationship was true because in the two years spent together, the longer we stayed together the more we disclosed to each other. We would tell each other a variety of things and as we spent more time together we would disclose more and more information. Although we did disclose information well, when we got into arguments we would not address the conflict and it would just build up until it exploded. A lot of conflicts came about in the two years we dated. He would not take up for me if someone was making rude comments when we were together, he would sit silently and not try to protect my feelings. One conflict in particular was parents being too involved in the…show more content…
I went to the game and completely forgot to mention it to them. The game begins and my mother tells me through the fence that he and his family were very upset with me because I failed to tell them the game times were changed. My mom also mentioned to me that they were being rude with her through text message and that infuriated me. After the game I responded to his test messages saying sorry and they were still mad. I did not speak to him the rest of the day, but that night he came over to my house to talk things out. I had discussed with my mom the issue and she said I needed to think hard about what I needed to do. I told him I think we needed to take a break for a week. He was very upset and did not understand. I believe it caught him off guard because we never addressed the conflicts in our relationships. Everything that we had not discussed led up to this moment. A week goes by and we did not communicate, face-to-face or by text. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do in this relationship. I talked to my friends and they said I should give him another chance and see if things change, so I did. We dated for about another two months and I decided this is not what I wanted. I felt no attraction to him anymore and I felt miserable when I was around

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