Examples Of Dysfunctional Family

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The Dysfunctional Family

What is a dysfunctional family? According to the internet it is a family in which conflict, misbehavior and often child neglect occur regularly and continually leading other members to accomadote such actions. I was given the assignment of a group analysis and at first I chose to write about detention facilities also known as jail or prisions, However, I got to writing and something thst I felt impacted my learning and understanding more is the study of a dysfunctional family. Therefore, I choose to dedicate some time to what I considered a dysfunctional family. Thru, my evaluations I will disusss some of the many sociological concepts I observed such as, deviance.collective behavior, norms, gender roles ,diversity
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Specifically the lack of communication is what starts the down ward spirial. This family lacked communication which caused enourmous conflict. The father went out nightly, therefore, mom let her insecurities sink in and automatically thouhjt it was due to another woman, as a result, everyday when dad came home they argued. This conflict caused tension, resentment and hate. He could never give an answer to where he was, or why he didn’t come home. She begaun to feel lower about herself. Eventually this led her into a depression. Poor communication is a hallmark for dysfunctional families. Ineffective or non exisits communication makes it difficult to express the needs and wants which led to misunderstandings and eventually separation. This family could function when needed to but as indivuals they both had issues within themselves and each other. If they just sat down and expressed their problems adnlearned that the past is the past and move toward the future together they might have survived. However, sometimes one partner hold on to something thaats is a fatham of the imagination. Let me explain, the dad strugglerd everyday on when he was going leave mom may have thought leaving him and mom wanted to leave him. The mental abuse he tolerated from him was literally destroying her…but she just wanted to say that she had a family. Just the idea of a family ment mre to her even if it meatn everyone in the family was sad. She just envisioned a traditional norm of society. She wanted to have that white picket fence, eat dinner at 6:30 and and have family discussion. Thus, this probably destroyed them because he did not vision those things. In fact, he told her that in todays society that ‘’Leave It To Beaver” lifestyle did not exists. Perhaps, they could have communicated better and came to a happy medium and saved their
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