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Civic Engagement Essay
For my civic engagement essay, I registered to vote on October 21st, 2016, for the then upcoming 2016, presidential election. Not only was this my first time voting, but it was the first time I could democratically voice my opinion in my country. Moreover, because I’m a United States citizen, I view it as my civic duty to vote. Correspondingly, America was founded on enlightened ideas which endorsed the ideas of democracies. Furthermore, I believe it would be un-American of me to otherwise not vote. For these reasons, I left my house around 5pm October 8th, to vote at the Laketon Heights Methodist Church; 9601 Frankstown Road.

I believe Americans should register to vote, because it allows them the opportunity to decide
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Moreover, numerous countries in the world; China, North Korea, and Saudi Arabia, do not offer their citizens such liberal democratic opportunities. For these reasons, I believe as Americans, we should feel indebted and vote, because of our enlightened Founding Fathers; George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, etc. Not only did these great men risk their lives to form this great country, but they are also largely responsible for our generations being able to enjoy these freedoms and privileges. As one could conclude furthermore, voting makes Americans feel increasingly patriotic. Because of these reason, I will continue to advocate for Americans to get registered to vote. Not only do I view voting as a privilege, but I also understand that it’s my patriotic…show more content…
According to Cornell University Law School, the Fifteenth Amendment grants citizens of the United States the right by law to vote. “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.” This not only proves that all male citizens of the United States have the privilege to register to vote, but it also proves that the government supports the idea of its citizens reregister to vote. Correspondingly, women were given the ability to register to vote in all states in the United States until 1920. Congruently, the Harvard University Library states that women weren’t given the right to register to vote in the United States until the Nineteenth Amendment was passed on August 20th, 1920. “Tennessee was the 36th state to ratify, and it became the 19th Amendment in time for women 's votes to affect the 1920 presidential election.” As one could conclude, it took American women one-hundred and forty-four years after the United States was founded to gain the ability to register to vote. Similarly, women in American have only been allowed to reregister to vote for ninety-six years. Unsurprisingly, because women weren’t given the right to register to vote in many North American and European countries until they early nineteenth century “(Encyclopedia

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