Civic Engagement Essay

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Theater 180 addressed the quest question of how do people understand and engage in community life? Through this class I’ve gained a better understanding of what civic engagement is. At the start of this semester I had very minimal knowledge about civic engagement. As far as I knew civic engagement was just volunteering but nothing much beyond that. With this class I have learned that civic engagement is much more than just volunteer work. What exactly is civic engagement? Civic engagement is when an individual or a group of individuals work together to make a positive change in their community. This definition aids in the understanding that civic engagement goes well beyond volunteer work. Being engaged in community life could be as simple…show more content…
People can also show their want for a better community online by posting their thoughts and opinions on how their communities could be the best that they could be. A way that individuals can do this is by creating a page for these ideas. For example, if someone feels that a park would make their community superior and they make a page online about this park that should be built they are being civically engaged. They are being engaged because they are sharing their idea with others in their community who very well could think the same way about a park. Maybe, in this situation, people see this page online and they had never thought of putting a park in their community before, but after seeing this page they agree that a park really would be a good idea. This idea of the park is being spread and very well could happen to improve the…show more content…
With the help of Creative Process and Dr. Vandevender I learned about what civic engagement is and how people can be a part of it. I learned that civic engagement is much more than just volunteering for a cause. This course helped me understand that I can be civically engaged through a computer screen as well as in the real world. Prior to this class I had minimal knowledge about street theater. Thanks to this class I learned about various types of street theater and how street theater can be used to distribute a message. I came into this quest course knowing very little about how people understand and engage in community life. I can say with confidence that I know significantly more about civic engagement through this
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