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345 words

Comedy is like a dessert, which it is a joy to behold, and a keenly awaited item that always excites me. In my book, there is an appealing charm about this approachable art, as it spans a range of works, from an amusing TV program to a hilarious fiction, owing to those either comic burlesques or ridiculous fantasies, they could help people blot out the pain of real life temporarily, in the meantime laugh heartily.

Particularly, I find a spoof on celebrities and some sardonic lampoons funny. For one, they serve as a little light relief that enlivens some unexceptional moments. Most significantly, they bring a ray of sunshine into our workaday world with a bluff, vivid humor and a flash of wit. For example, whenever I thought of "Mr. Bean"

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that comedy is a joy to behold, and an appealing charm about this approachable art.
  • Opines that rowan atkinson and richard curtis are brilliant playwrights who weaved both figurative and imaginative elements into an entertaining television drama series.
  • Evaluates rowan atkinson's performance in mr. bean as a crowd pleaser. his wicked gestures, expressive face, childish antics, interesting plots and high quality of the story tickled the global audience without any language or cultural barriers.
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