My Sense Of Humor

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Humor is an essential part of my daily life. Causing someone to laugh and feel amused varies from person to person. What I find funny may not be funny to others. My sense of humor may vary, from watching comedy movies, to late night comedy talk shows. What I find mostly funny are Internet memes or funny Internet videos, because they have both been modified into distinct funny phrases or modified into funny videos that cause humor and they are always new ones being created, you can also share them to give someone else laughter. My sense of humor comes from my dad, growing up we would watch Spanish comedy on television together, though not all humor can be funny, because I believe there is a line that should not be crossed when using humor.
Memes are images that are turned into funny phrases, for example an image of Kermit the frog is used as a meme.
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His laughter would be loud enough to hear him across the house. His laugher would catch my attention and I would find myself along his side watching Spanish Comedy, laughing right next to him. Having a good sense of humor is important in my family. I remember growing up trying to make any unpleasant situation into a funny situation in order to incorporate laughter instead of sadness. I remember when my sister or I would get into trouble, I would try to make jokes to make my sisters laugh and forget about the situation. Now that I am older and a mother, I always find myself trying to joke with my kids to make them laugh if I see that they are having a bad day. I have always tried to be that one person in my family besides my dad, having a sense of humor by trying to convert a bad situation into a funny situation. My dad was the same way, he would always find ways to make my mom laugh and we would all laugh when he succeeded. My dad's sense of humor is still strong and there is never a dull moment around
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