Everything's Arranged, by Siew Yue Killingley

The story I have chosen for my assignment is `Everything's Arranged' by Siew Yue Killingley. It is about arranged marriages practised by the Indian communities.The story is centered around Rukumani, a young maiden from the Ceylonese Tamil community whose family has settled in Malaya. Probably her father or grandfather was brought to this land by the British those days. Though Rukumani, is sent to study in the university (`MU' as stated in the story ), the thinking of her parents is just like how it was back in their motherland, Sri Lanka. The Ceylonese, however educated, still hold to their tradition, beliefs and family values so adamantly. Education failed to change their thinking. Social life is a taboo for their young sons what more for a daughter.

Rukumani, the protagonist is studying at the university and has fallen in love with a guy named Devanayagam, also from the same community as she is. So what is the problem one may think. Oh No! Rukumany has created a big problem. She has ruined her family's dignity and respect to an extend that her parents could not face the other members of their community ; Yes, falling in love is a great sin, according to her parents.

So goes this story and tells us how the poor Rukumani suffers to hide her love from her parents, how she suffers to get away from the arranged marriage her parents are planning for her, how she suffers without seeing her lover Devanayagam and worst of all what happens when she finally tells her parents about her love.

The External Conflicts

In this story, Rukumani, the protagonist faces a number of external conflicts; the conflict between her and her traditional Ceylonese Tamil family, the conflict between her and her mother, the conflict she has with her younger brother who messes up things for her, to name a few.

Conflict 1

Rukumani's parents are very old-fashioned in their ideas about marriage. The only one type of marriage which is accepted by them is the arranged marriage. Parents of the groom and the bride meet, talk about their background, status and materialistic things such as dowry and so on and then fix the marriage between their children.
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