Coping With Death Essay : Coping With Death Is Beneficial

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Coping with Death is Beneficial For some, coping with death is the end of a journey, but to others, it is the beginning of change. The novel, The Hero's Walk, explores the meaning of this statement through the death of Maya. Because of her death, the people who are close to her, such as her father, Sripathi, begin to suffer. However, he eventually experiences a positive change after coping with her death. In Anita Rau Badami's novel, The Hero's Walk, Maya's death is a major turning point which affects the life of Sripathi; ultimately, this loss contributes to his major character development. Through coping with the death of Maya, Sripathi is traditionally stubborn, but through coping with his daughter's death, feels the regret that comes with losing a loved one. Sripathi’s stubbornness prevents him from forgiving his daughter for the shame she causes the family and most importantly, to him. Nirmala begs Sripathi to "stop being so stubborn" (Badami 115) and asks how he can "be so unforgiving?" (115). This is significant because Sripathi’s character is shown as stubborn and unfeeling. His stubbornness negatively affects those around him who care about him the most. His grudge against Maya continues as he is unable to forgive her; consequently, this affects his whole family as they all want to see Maya again. It is revealed that he does not want to forgive Maya for the shame she has brought to the family, even if his wife begs him to allow for Maya to come home. After Maya's death, Sripathi cannot help but to blame her death upon himself: this creates regret which helps him to express his feelings that he has kept contained. He begins to realize how wrong he is and how he wants to "undo the past"(175) in order to avoid the regret of ... ... middle of paper ... his relationship with Nandana. This will only be possible through his newfound ability to release his self control. Sripathi is able to relinquish his control over his emotions which allows his healing process to take place in the aftermath of Maya’s death. Through coping with Maya’s death in The Hero’s Walk, Sripathi’s character is positively changed for the better. As time passes, Sripathi becomes more caring, becomes less self-absorbed, and is able to relinquish control over his emotions as he deals with the death of his daughter, Maya. Sripathi’s journey reveals that even when a loved one passes away, death is not necessarily the end. Ultimately, Sripathi’s ability to cope with the death of his daughter leads to the positive development of his character. If one is able to understand and accept the reality of loss, one will be able to change positively.

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