Analysis Of Mama And The Misfit

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854 words

One will never know his or her wrong doing unless reality checks them for things they have done. In the bible it says all sins are equal no matter how bad you think something is in God’s eye it all measured the same. "In A good man is hard to find, the author shows us through the character of Grandma and the Misfit that we need to see our own flaws. In this story, Grandma is not aware of her flaws, but the Misfit 's crazy behavior brings it out. In "Interpreter of Maladies" the driver as so know has an interpreter for a doctor becomes interested in Mrs.Das because she is not like the other Indian woman. Throughout the tour she flirts with him knowing she is married, however as the trip going on she feels the needs to tell him her problems. …show more content…

The main character is Mrs. Das whom is flirtatious, careless, and needy. She and her husband take their family to see the country India for the first time. The tour guide Mr.Kapsi whom is curious, understanding, and quite aware. He sees something unusual at the beginning of the trip, but does not say anything. As the children continue their site seeing, the husband takes picture with his camera as if he lost in his own world. Meanwhile the wife gets to know the driver instead of site seeing. Mr.Kapsi is aware that the family is not like most Indians which lead him to be attracted to Mrs.Das. It states, “The family looked Indian but dressed as foreigners did, the children in stiff, brightly colored clothing and caps with translucent visors (29). This quote shows the difference in cultural clash as well the difficulty of communication. Mr.Kapsi tells Mrs. Das that he is an interpreter for a doctor which makes her believe she can discuss her personal business without him telling anyone. It states, “He decided to begin with the most obvious question, to get to the heart of the matter, and so he asked, “Is it really pain you feel, Mrs. Das, or is it guilt?”(39) Made the wife realized what she was truly feeling about her mistakes. After the conversation Mr.Kapsi did not look at the Mrs.Das the same way. The unusual …show more content…

The main character is liked, but not by all the characters. She realizes her flaws when she has this reality check with Mr.Kapsi because she thought an affair would lead to ending her misery with her unhappy

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how shows us through the character of grandma and the misfit that we need to see our own flaws.
  • Analyzes how the grandma in "a good man is hard to find" was superior, rude, and carried herself as a lady.
  • Analyzes how the story "interpreter of maladies" shows that flaws can cause pain and make it hard for individuals to help us.
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