EuroDisney Case Analysis

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EuroDisney Case Analysis

1. What factors lead to EuroDisney's poor performance during its first year of operation?

EuroDisney had a disastrous first year in Paris, France. There were many reasons that contributed to the horrible start. I am going to discuss six reasons why I think EuroDisney had such a hard time adjusting in Europe.

1. It was cheaper for European families to travel to Disney World in Orlando, FL. Not only was the trip to Orlando going to be cheaper, but it was almost guaranteed that the weather was going to be spectacular. People go on vacation to have a good time, but more importantly to enjoy the weather. People in Europe and around the world are not going to vacation at a spot where the weather is going to be unpredictable. France gets cold in the winter, therefore going to Disney World in Orlando would be more logical. It will be cheaper and the weather is going to be decent for whenever you choose to go.

2. The French culture did not like the American Fairy-tale characters. The French had their own fairy-tale characters; one even has a park located near EuroDisney. Starting up a company internationally is an extremely hard task. Researching the culture of the country in which the company is going to be located is extremely important. When the plans to bring EuroDisney to Paris were finalized, they should have begun extensive research on the culture and history of France. By not doing that Disney may have insulted the French, but more so they hurt their chances of making money.

3. The whole Disney idea was not sitting well with the French people. For example, during a trip to France in 1989 Michael Eisner was hit with eggs by a French columnist. When a culture shows somebody this much disrespect, take it as a hint and get out. The French people were extremely upset at the thought of having an American tourist attraction arrive onto their land. When Japan got Disneyland they welcomed it with open arms. Each culture and country is different as it pertains to other cultures. Japan?s successful adaptation to an American tourist attraction all but guaranteed its success in Europe.

4. Disney?s had a reputation of maintaining a quality park for its customers to enjoy. The French people got upset when Disney began to market EuroDisney by referring to its size and glitz, instead of by the variety of attract...

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... trying to conduct business will not be difficult. Communication is the key to business, without proper means of communication it becomes extremely difficult to conduct business. The English people would love to have a little piece of America in their country, so why not give them the largest theme park, Disneyland. Of course proper research is going to be conducted to determine how and where the park is going to be constructed. Cultural background checks are going to be extensive, and the park is going to cater to the English culture and way of life. Another reason I chose England was because of the rich history that it has. Without England America would not be around. Tourists that travel to England would get a treat in Disneyland. With England?s history why not add an enormous tourist attraction. The country would benefit from a great deal from Disneyland, more tourists will visit and more revenue will be made. The entire country would benefit from the arrival of Disneyland, but more importantly the people will benefit. Disney characters are so popular, so why not expose them to people who are not fortunate enough. With Britain?s similar culture it would be a perfect fit.

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