Ethics And Ethics Of Facebook: Code Of Ethics

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Problem set 3 Requirement #1 Facebook’s ethical standard is rule based . The code of ethics not only outlines what can be done and what cannot be done but also clearly lists ways to deal with situations that are hard to judge. Throughout the passage, strong words like “must” and “must not” are frequently used, showing regulations and commands. For instance, “You must recuse yourself from any decision-making…” “Facebook Personnel must obtain approval from the Conflicts Committee…” Furthermore, the code provides ways to solve the problem when standards are unclear. The code tells people where to report in order to get further help. “If you have questions about whether certain information can be disclosed, please contact the Legal Department.…show more content…
It lists many practical things and covers as much as it can. For example, unlike the code of either Google or AT&T, it explicitly states what to do if a conflict of interest is impossible to avoid. This more comprehensive version of code makes things more transparent so that individuals will find it hard to take advantage of potential flaws in the rule. Furthermore, Facebook avoids using ambiguous adjectives to describe a standard. For instance, in the Gift & Entertainment section, the code says, “Accepting or providing gifts (such as company-branded swag or simple gift baskets) is generally fine if the market value of the item is less than US$200.” A definite price here replaces the word “moderate”, therefore avoid possible confusion and uncertainty. Another significant trait of Facebook’s code of ethics is that there is usually another more detailed policy to refer to in each section. It has supplemental documents like Electronic Communications Guidelines, User Data Access Policy and Gifts & Entertainment Guidelines to further elaborate on a particular problem. People can first read the code of Ethics to get a general idea and then read guidelines that further instruct rules and
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