Ethical Issues: Dietrich Bonhoeffer During The World Wars

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Ethical issues present many philosophical view. These views include utilitarianism, where people act out of the majority, the romanticism where there’s an equal outcome, and the biblical view, where decisions are made out of a purely religious view. One such ethical issue was created by the Lutheran pastor called Dietrich Bonhoeffer during the World Wars. His ethical issue was his assistance in the assassination of Adolf Hitler , the leader of the Nazi movement. Firstly, utilitarianism is the view which involves benefiting the majority, which Bonhoeffer likely acted in, like many others who were doing so at the time. During this time, many wanted Hitler and the Nazis killed for their crimes. So many were acting in a utilitarian view, where …show more content…

Since, during the war the allies weren’t the only ones who despised Hitler for what he was doing, as some in the Nazi dominated Germany did too. Most of the allies, wanted some involvement in stopping Hitler and creating word peace. As a pastor, Bonhoeffer, wouldn’t have desired anything less. However, many but not all those in Nazi occupied Germany did have the desire for their leader to be killed. As many Germans at the time had a catholic religion, a religion which didn’t believe in many acts which Hitler did against others. Then war wagered on more and more people of the German public become aware of the Jews, and what Hitler was doing to them. Many of these German citizens were disgusted by what the learned, and thus began an inside revolt against Hitler. Bonhoeffer was a part of such a movement, acting as an inside man when one of his friends enlisted him as a part of the Nazi party. Which when placed under the Nazi party with his friend, they both as well as others began plotting against Hitler which ended in the attempt assassination on the 20th of July 1944. Thus, it is likely that Bonhoeffer was acting in romanticism, since in his involvement with the attempted assassination of Hitler and his natural alliance with the allies he was acting in both parties’ favours thus resulting in a neutral resolve. However, the insiders …show more content…

However, it goes against his position as a pastor to go out of his way to kill another man. A pastor is a man whose life is governed by the word of God and serves as one who redeems others from their sins and gives them hope. Thus, Bonhoeffer would have needed religious reassurance that what he was doing to assist in killing Hitler was properly just, and that he was helping not only others but also Hitler to release himself of his sin. However, even if he was to do the act on a utilitarian or romantic view he would need such religious reason as to give reassurance that he was not doing a sin. Bonhoeffer once wrote while imprisoned before his execution “We must learn to regard people less in the light of what they do or omit to do, and more in the light of what they suffer”. Which in a religious view is quite accurate of what God has intended for people like him to do, to see through what people do and see what they ultimately suffer from. Thus if this was Bonhoeffer’s view of Hitler, then his assistance in the attempt to kill Hitler is just. From this sentence it’s understood Bonhoeffer was likely acting out of forgiveness to Hitler, by seeing through what Hitler was doing and looking towards how much Hitler was suffering underneath all of these criminal acts he was doing. For Bonhoeffer must have seen Hitler’s

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