Ethical Dilemmas In The Movie: Ex Machina

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Ex Machina is one of the most confusing yet exciting movie I have seen in a long time. This film presents so many ethical dilemmas as well as head itching scenes that leave you on the edge of your seat. One of the most significant ethical dilemmas throughout the film is, is it okay to play god? and is artificial intelligence okay/ should it be used. The movie starts out with a guy named Caleb Smith who works for a search engine company, Blue Book. Blue book holds an office contest, and the winner gets to go on a week vacation to the house of the CEO Nathan Bateman. Caleb wins the contest and gets to have the experience of a lifetime, when I say lifetime I mean it. He arrives to the house that is located in the middle of nowhere, and is met…show more content…
First thought in my mind is how can someone want to create something that has the potential to learn on its own. That is a crazy concept because if you can create something that has the ability to adapt and teach itself new things, that has the potential to be a serious threat. In an article from BBC News they mention a quote that was said by Stephen Hawking, “AI could spell the end of human race.” (link 2) Coming from one of the smartest men on this planet that is a scary thing to read. In the movie Ava the AI seems to be a well controlled robot in the begging scenes, but throughout the movie you end up finding out what she is capable of. Something that is robotic and can become smarter over time through experience, is not okay. Think about something that is 10x stronger than you, has no emotions, and also is smarter than you in all aspects of life, and it knows things you don’t. That is basically creating a living monster, the questions of ethics are thrown out the window in my opinion when it comes to AI. “Ex Machina is the only the latest in a never-ending series of entries about the dangers of humans playing god.” (link 3). So there are many negative things about AI’s, but there are other things that they potentially could be beneficial for, like military, security, or even just a simple cook or maid. The only way I ever seeing something like that becoming possible is if, the human that owns it or has full control over the Robot and it can be controlled and can’t advance past a certain stage of intelligence. Having a helping hand around the house or in society that never gets tired and never shouts down can be a huge advantage to the human race. The only negative with that situation is it can take away jobs from society which wouldn’t make people too happy. Overall Ex Machina ends in the way no one sees it ending, Ava the robot tricks everyone in the house even two smart

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