Ethical In Breaking The Waves, By Lars Von Trier

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Based on what I watched and understood in the movie Lars Von Trier’s “Breaking the Waves”, relating it to the Kierkegaardian concept of the teleological suspension of the ethical, Bess McNeill shows ethical acts to her husband, Jan. But the question is, what is ethical? Ethical means that the thing or action which a society follows or a set of standards or norms that to be followed. It is applicable to the universal and it is in ethical that which distinguishes either our action is good or bad. It doesn’t destroy any law or order in the society. In relation to Bess, as the wife of Jan, she did the ethical acts as a wife such as taking care of her husband, doing the household chores, making Jan happy, and doing her sexual obligation to her husband…show more content…
Until the time when Bess decided to go into a ship where she was raped and being murdered. And the miracle happened that Jan was cured and when there are bells ringing even if there are no bells at first after Bess offered her life. Other people would say that it was impossible but according also to the book Fear and Trembling (1843), that “Spiritually speaking, everything is possible, but in the world of the finite there is much which is not possible”. For Bess alone, I think it will be impossible to happen that Jan will be cured even if it is really impossible, but because of her faith, by the strength of the absurd, that she will get it back, that nothing is impossible to God in the context of faith. Because also of that happening, I would say that, my existence, our existence, is just temporal that we didn’t own everything that there is much higher existence than our own existence and that is God. Our faith must go beyond our intellectual aspect that it will transcend to the sphere of the infinite. Faith must not come from others, it must be personal, and it must not come from the teaching of the priest or the church dogmas, it must come from our deep personal relationship with God, which is Absolute, Perfect, Omnipresent, etc. And in the teleological suspension of the ethical or to be in the religious stage, one must embrace first the ethical life which is universal and what usually the society follows and to transcend to the realm of faith, which is necessary to believe in the

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