Ethical Dilemmas Essay

The Ethical Responsibilities Required of You as a Manager Ethical responsibilities are very important in the management field. Managers are in positions of authority, which makes them accountable for any and all ethical conduct throughout the company. With managers being in such high positions, they are held to high standards of ethical behavior. Managers are in charge of making sure employees are made aware of the company’s ethical codes and that they have the opportunity to ask questions to clarify their understanding. As a manager, it is very important that you understand and adhere to the ethical and legal obligations of your position in order to meet the expectations of all stake holders, and to set an example of such behavior for…show more content…
As a manager you have the right to set a framework that can help you responsibly to make a right decision when faced with ethical dilemmas. Managers face ethical dilemmas on a frequent basis. Most ethical dilemmas occur with competitors, customers, subordinates, supervisors, regulators, and suppliers. Among dilemmas faced by mangers most are due to truthfulness in communication and agreements, pricing policy, perks and kickbacks, management of employees and employee termination. There are three method types that managers can use to help solve and ethical dilemma. A method some types of management prefer use is the human rights method to base decisions on the premise the humans are entitled to moral rights; denying these right to anyone is a violation of these rights and is considered unethical. Another method that some mangers use is the utilitarian method, which involves the manager gauging the overall amount of good that could possibly result from a decision. The third method that can be used is the justice method, which focuses on the equitable and fair distribution of cost and benefits among a person or

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