Ethical Contraceptives Essay

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The use of contraceptives has always been a heated point for discussion. There are people that find it ethical and others that don’t. One argument for the ethical use of contraceptives could be made to say that if a person knows that they would not be a good parent, they have an obligation to avoid becoming a parent. This use of contraceptives would be ethical according to deontology. Contraceptives would also be ethical according to deontological theories as long as they don’t have an abortifacient effect. The reason for this being that killing is wrong and by that categorical imperative, if one doesn’t kill then they are acting ethically according to deontology. This paper argues that contraceptives are ethical according to deontology when they don’t have an abortifacient effect. Contraceptives have existed since ancient times. Such instances have been documented in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. The term “contraceptive” refers to the methods or devices that have been employed to prevent pregnancy. Today there are many types of birth control. Some examples are sterilization, intrauterine devices and implantable contraceptives, hormonal contraceptives such as pills, patches, or injections, and contraceptives that have an abortifacient effect. An abortifacient contraceptive is a drug which allows conception to occur, yet renders the woman’s womb hostile to implantation – effectively working as an early abortion. Birth control became a prevalent issue in the United States during World War I, when many U. S. servicemen contracted venereal diseases. The government responded with an anti-venereal disease campaign that made sexual intercourse and contraceptives topics for public health and scientific research. This response from th... ... middle of paper ... ...ople to plan for pregnancies so that they will be ready to be parents. They also help couples avoid serious health challenges associated with sexual intercourse and pregnancy. Contraceptives can also be used so that abortions in the future can be prevented. According to deontology, using contraceptives without an abortifacient effect is ethical because couples have a duty to be good parents and care for the children they have. The world is different now than it was in earlier times. The economy and society are not as good as they used to be. Things are changing, including how and why contraceptives are used. The effects of using contraceptives on the family level can eventually be felt on a wider scope in society. When used ethically according to deontology, contraceptives can allow greater economic and social stability to couples and families as well as to society.

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