Arguments Against Abortion Deontology Essay

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The issue that this essay is dedicated to assist to this never ending battle of abortion. This essay will be written from the point of a pro-abortion utilitarian however I must also consider the argument against abortion to get a full understanding of how serious this issue is, the against argument is of a deontological stand-point. First while I argue that abortion is not impermissible, I do not argue that I is always permissible. It allows for and supports our sense, for an example, that Ms Judith Jarvis Thompson states in her A Defence of Abortion, “a sick and frightened teenaged school girl who is pregnant due to being raped may choose abortion and it should be morally permissible however choosing to terminate your pregnancy when you are…show more content…
Their reasons are firstly that parents have a duty to care for their child and not abort it and secondly that we should treat everyone as an ends in themselves, not as a mean to an ends. The deontological perspective expresses that we are to do our duty, no matter what. If a woman becomes pregnant and has a child she immediately has a duty to her child to care and protect it. By aborting a pregnancy the woman is not doing her duty, to take care of her child. Our responsibilities of being a human include our duties, not that choices that we make. Another part of deontology takes the pro-life stance on abortion is the idea of treating people as a mean to an end. A classic deontological view point on abortion is one that uses premises, to prove a point. “1. The unborn is obviously a human life. 2. It is wrong to take a human life. 3. Abortion is taking a human life. 4. Therefore abortion is wrong.” (Vaugh, 167). This list of statements that leads to a conclusion that clearly lays out the fact that is the unborn child is in fact a human life and by taking away a human life you are exhausting that life as a means to an end for yourself and not as an end in itself. A deontologist would convey that a child whether born or unborn, should never be treated as an end in itself and abortion should never use to end the child’s life for the convenience of the

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