Ethical Breaches

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Sadly, ethical breaches lurk around every corner. High schools seem to be a fertile environment for behaviors that are questionable from parents, students and staff member. It seems the greatest challenge in the high school arena comes not from the students but their parents. Of the three situations addressed, two involve parents defending their children at all cost. Parents believe they are acting in their children best interest; but do not have the foresight to realize that by not allowing their children to face challenges or suffer consequences they are hindering their spiritual and social development. The first ethical dilemma stems from the parent of a graduating senior with Turrets syndrome, labeled as an Exceptional Student Education (ESE) student. While in the process of enrolling the younger son into 9th grade, the parent was informed that he did not meet the guidelines set by the Federal Government for ESE and would have to take regular courses, she became irate and began screaming obscenities in the front office of the High School. I heard the commotion and as the parent was once a volunteer, I decided to intervene. I ask the parent to come into my office so we could discuss the matter privately. If I didn’t, I knew the next step would have been a call to the School Resource Officer (SRO) to remove her from the campus. She had previously sued the school for another issue and I did not want things to get out of control. We spoke in my office and her main concern was for her son, who she believed would be lost if he was not allowed the same services he received in middle school, with extended time for assignment and privacy during test. I tried to no avail, to relay to her that our school is a caring envi... ... middle of paper ... ... that gray areas are necessary, but I maintain that I will allow my conscience to be my guide and not rule on emotion or pressure but on character and integrity. Finally, it is Leaders responsibility to ensure that fairness is experienced by all they supervise. I come across countless situations that are not fair on a daily basis and tire of hearing others say that fairness is not guaranteed. Yes, that may be true but it is necessary for the success of all involved. Ethical leaders will face many challenges in today’s society. The goal is to be flexible and allow for mistakes. Mistakes can be blessings in disguise, so when one occur use the time to reflect and come to terms with what went wrong. It is also important to note that the ethical leader should have a personal relationship with Christ and allow him to be the true impetus behind their decisions.
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