Don Marquis Interpretation Of Abortion

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912 words

Don Marquis is a philosopher arguing that any form of abortion is immoral. His original thesis states: In the overwhelming majority of cases, deliberate abortions are seriously immoral. He begins by stating why killing is wrong in three statements. He states, “killing is wrong because it brutalizes the killer, it is a loss to others, and it robs the victim of all the experiences, activities, projects, and enjoyments that would otherwise have constituted one’s future” (68). The first two statements do not address the fetus, but the last statement is very arguable, so Marquis emphasizes his argument on this premise. Depriving anybody of their future has many consequences. Some parts of a person’s future are valued now and some parts could be valued later. Therefore, it is wrong to kill any adult human because it is a loss of future (which has value). He addresses the questions of personhood by stating that fetuses have the potential to be humans. Therefore, killing a fetus is depriving the fetus of having a …show more content…

These phrases are used from a biblical story. A Good Samaritan is someone who goes out of his or her way, or sacrifices something to help another in need. If a person did nothing at all to help another person, then they would be considered worse than a Minimally Decent Samaritan. The biblical story could have emphasized that we should be obligated to do more than what is morally required. There is currently no law stating that we are required to be a Good Samaritan. If there is no law stating that we must be Good Samaritans, then it is reasonable to not force women to go through with having a child. It would be a very kind thing for a woman to do, but it is currently not required. For most cases, there is no foundation for prohibiting abortion because there is no current law requiring humans to be Good Samaritans, which is doing more than the bare minimum of

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes don marquis' argument that any form of abortion is immoral. he states that killing is wrong because it brutalizes the killer, it is a loss to others, and it robs one of all the experiences, activities, projects and enjoyments.
  • Analyzes judith jarvis thomson's argument that abortion is moral. she discusses the burglar, the people seeds, and the famous violinist.
  • Explains that thomson considers three possible definitions for the right to life: the bare minimum one needs for continued life, and a counterexample that states one family has enough food for only two months but their neighbors are currently starving.
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