Thomson's View On Abortion

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In my previous essay, I fought that abortion is immoral, but can be countered against depending on the person and the situation given. My view has now changed to where abortion is morally permissible under circumstances. This change of views occurred after reading Warren, Thomson, and Marquis ' arguments throughout the course. Coming from a family and culture that shames a person who favors abortion, I solely believed abortion was immoral until taking this class. I wanted to clarify that my view on abortion is morally permissible if the pregnancy was affecting the mother 's wellbeing, financial stability, or if she does not feel prepared or lacks education to care for a child.
One who does believe that abortion is accepted as morally permissible
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My view goes more with Thomson because she believes that abortion is morally permissible but not always. Specifically, she claims that a person should not be killed unjustly. She is able to see the opposing sides of abortion, and claims that it is wrong for the fetus to try to use another person 's body in order to live. Thomson believes that the fetus has a right to life but the mother has little to no obligation to carry on with her pregnancy. I feel this is a just action because with certain cases of abortion such as unplanned, rape, etc. I believe the fetus does have a right to life, but if the mother does not want to carry out her pregnancy then she could at least leave it for adoption or find someone who is willing to care for her child. She also adds to her claim that it is wrong for a mother to have an abortion in the last trimester of her pregnancy due to, “a vacation.” I whole heartedly agree with Thomson because again, if the pregnancy is causing financial instability, doubts on caring for the child due to lack of education, or detrimental problems to her physical and mental health, the mother should be allowed to have an abortion. Then Thomson uses the seed/person case to support her argument where if you left your window open and a seed was to fly in and take root on your carpet and the seed grows into a person/plant, have you granted permission for that person/plant the right to use your room? This is where I start to find Thomson 's example a bit unrealistic. How in the world does a seed/person compare to a fetus? It 's hard for people to understand or make a connection with the example she gives, and I feel her argument would be more effective if she used a more realistic example. Other than that, my views mostly coincide with Thomson’s view on abortion, despite the examples she uses to explain her
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