Essay On The Purpose Of Early Childhood

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I believe the purpose of Early Childhood are to stimulate and encourage the development of all important areas such as language, physical, cognitive, social, emotionally as well as spiritually. Early Childhood educators provide children with the right experiences and environment for a child’s growth, so there can be more productive members in our society. An early childhood professional is a person who promotes and displays high personal and professional standards and continually expands their skills and knowledge in the field of early childhood education. Professionals promote high values for themselves, their students and co-workers. These individuals are multidimensional people who use their many talents to enrich the lives of children and families. Early childhood professionals empower …show more content…

Qualities that I would consider to be important for teaching is a teacher should have a love of children. A lot of people love the idea of the subject but don’t when it comes down to the kids. You have to have a certain kind of love when working with children because your whole day will require you to work with children. A teacher needs to have an understanding of the role of education and how important education is. A suitable teacher has to have the willingness to reflect, organization skills, compassionate, patience, understanding and creative. Understanding to be a “great teacher” is a constant struggle to always allow improvement. I find these qualities important because you will always look for new techniques to improve your performance and situations. Being able to reflect and ask why things went the way they did. Reflecting will help you get into the habit of seeing things you wouldn’t typically see. By reflecting you will be able to form better relationships with your students and their families. Teaching requires a willingness to cast critical eye on your practice and pedagogy as well as

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