Importance Of Quality In Early Childhood Education

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Farrah Smith CHD 204: Role of the Early Childhood Educator Assignment: Quality in Early Childhood Education Paper Instructor: Sara Mulso May 22, 2014 Quality in Early Childhood Education Paper Early childhood education is extremely important in the lives and development of all children. There are stages of development and each stage has to be handled separately as the growth and development calls for. Many people don’t know that development begins in the prenatal stage which is from conception to birth consisting of nine month period when “a one-celled organism is transformed into a human baby with remarkable capacities for adjusting to life in the surrounding world” (Berk, 2012, pg. 6) and ends in adolescence. Institutions are not the first source of learning for children. We are first taught by nature and nurture. By nature, “there is heredity information we receive from our parents at the moment of conception” (Berk, 2012, pg. 9) and nurture is “the complex forces of the physical and social world that influence our biological makeup” (Berk, 2012, pg. 9). Institutionalized learning normally begins in the early childhood stage, from two to six years old. During this period, “thought and language expands at an astounding pace” (Berk, 2012, pg. 6). This is a time when most children are “separating from one-to-one care for the first time” (Rosenberg, n/d) going from the caretaker at home to an outside environment. One important characteristic of an early childhood program would be one that promotes safety. A quality program ensures physical and emotional safety is a top priority. The layout of the facility is one that would provide easy supervision of the children as well as easy access. Ma... ... middle of paper ... ...promote safety, learning, socialization, and family involvement. Choosing the right early childhood program shapes the fundamental foundation of a child’s future, secondary only to that of the first caretaker, which was established at home. REFERENCES Berk, L. (2012). Infants and Children: Prenatal Through Middle Childhood. Seventh Edition National Education Association: Early Childhood Education Research and Recommendation. Retrieved 5/21/14. Rosenberg, J. (n/d) The Parents League of New York. What Makes a Quality Early Childhood Program. Retrieved 5/20/13. U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services. Administration for Children and Families. Retrieved 5/20/14.
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