Philosophy of Teaching

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Philosophy of Teaching

Twelve years ago, I was not interested in becoming a teacher. I was content with my life. Then, I had two wonderful children. As they became school age, my opinion of teachers was immensely altered. I have spent countless hours within my children’s school, became personally connected to the wonderful individuals who were their teachers, and developed a respect for these tireless workers. These individuals have created a desire within me to enhance children’s lives and improve society through education.

Children are life’s blessings. All children have the ability to learn. Just as all children are individuals, they also possess diverse individual learning styles. A successful teacher must have the necessary skills and personal drive to recognize these differences in abilities and deliver an appropriate educational experience for all of the students. In order to be a successful teacher, I plan to incorporate four major philosophies into my classroom. They include behaviorism, essentialism, social reconstructionism, and progressivism. I believe a mixture of the four will create an essential environment for the most extensive educational experience that a teacher can offer.

First of all, I have chosen behaviorism. Behaviorism was developed mainly by Ivan Pavlov, John B. Watson, and B. F. Skinner. They believed that through conditioning using rewards as well as punishments, educators could establish control over students’ behaviors. Using systems of rules, rewards, and punishments within the classroom is a constructive way to achieve control over the classroom. By producing rewards for the children to encourage appropriate behavior, they would be more likely to strive to be achievers rather than unde...

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... updated on the latest methods of teaching so that I can be the successful instructor that I desire to be.

Through my children, I have been able to realize that some children are less fortunate than others. Often, children do not have positive role models in their lives. A strong, positive experience in early education is an important building block for encouraging a child who wants to continue the learning experience. My goal with my students is to provide them with a positive role model as well as feed their imaginations.

Overall, my philosophy on education is eclectic. I feel that by using many different philosophies as well as methods, I will be a more efficient educator. I will always strive to achieve the ideal classroom for my students to be successful in their education. My students’ success will be an indicator of my success as a qualified educator.
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