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Is Technology A Distraction To Students? Technology has always been around. Technology not only includes highly advanced devices, it also includes primitive tools and methods of work that humans have used since prehistoric times. High technology refers to the most advanced kinds of electronics and other modern technology that currently exist. Primitive technology on the other hand, was the first form of technology used to find a way of life. Through the years, technology has taken baby steps towards something huge in our society. Something that if taken away, could possibly cause the world to shut down. Technology can’t be lived without. It’s there to find information, have entertainment, and even distract students and prohibit them from focusing on what really matters; their education. The first form of invented technology was the printing press, which was invented in Europe around the mid 1400’s. The printing press had a big impact on society because books were more available and more people learned to read. Around the 1700’s, the Industrial Revolution started rapid technological innovations in Great Britain, and spread to America in the mid 1800’s. There was an extensive use of water power, steam engines, coal as fuel, and growth of factories. Eventually in the 1900’s, Henry Ford invented the automobile factory and made it even easier for people to travel from place to place. In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, scientific discoveries set off a new trend. Scientists discovered the nature of electricity and electromagnetic waves which then led to the first series of technological advances. The telegraph and the telephone for example, allowed people to communicate almost instantly at a long distance for the first time ever (W... ... middle of paper ... being a distraction, their devices should probably be taken away until they take care of their business. Technology has come so far over the years. It started off as just a way of finding food and shelter, and now it has evolved into something bigger, better, and amazing. Something that can't be lived without anymore. Families all over the world use it to stay in touch and to survive, and now the need is being passed down from generation to generation. However, as Zwagstraa said, "We must not delude ourselves into thinking that more computer use increases academic achievement." Because now, students expect to have the future of their dreams; their dream job, dream house, dream family. But education is the key that ties it all together to make it possible. Why throw that all away just for a moments pleasure and entertainment online? Focus on what matters.

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