Negative Essay: How Technology Makes Your Life Easier

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How Technology Makes Your Life Easier
Can you imagine your life without technology? Many people believe that the technology currently saves a lot of time. And some people think that technology makes human life is full of hardships. It is clear that technology takes part everywhere in the world. Take a moment to think about the whereabouts of technology, then you will see that it is everywhere. At home, one certainly will find electricity, refrigerators, air conditioners, and many other devices. And if you take a look at life outside the home, the transportation of most of its types are considered part of technology such as cars, pilots and other transportations that go with the meaning of technology. Human life in the current era is dependent on technology, people will find great difficulty in life that if taken away from technology. Although many people believe that technology enslaves people, It is obvious that technology saves …show more content…

Electricity is one of the reasons that has changed your life with many benefits. It makes you more comfortable in your home by doing many works such as laundry, air-conditioners, and many others. Another reason is the internet which is considered a new world by itself. It is a way to get your orders done from your home without needing to leave home, and it helps you to contact other people easily wherever they are by using e-mails or any other communication programs. Lastly, the devices which now are being used everywhere in this world are a reason which makes your life easier. The devices could make you free of doing many tasks that would take a lot from your time and energy such as laundry which cleans clothes automatically. Add all these inventions together, and the time saved is enormous, which ultimately provides us with a liberating

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the internet is the second reason that enables you to get things done in a limited time with less effort.
  • Explains that computers are everywhere, and people use them for many reasons depending on the person.
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