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As more and more people are being educated about the environmental issues that have progressively arisen in recent years, more people are looking for ways to live a sustainable lifestyle. With human population growth continually to increase, carbon emissions will continue to have a larger impact in a limited carrying capacity that the Earth holds. Conscious efforts to save natural resources need to be made, luckily there are numerous ways people can reduce their carbon footprint. This essay will demonstrate how the developed world can reduce the pressure being placed on the state of the environment and how simple contributions individuals can partake in can lead to a sustainable development. If we produce awareness about environmental issues then people will realize how important it is to give back to the earth, not only for ourselves during this present moment, but also for future generations (our children). Many people do not realize how big of an impact they actually have on a daily basis, we individually have a greater contribution of carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere than we think. The more energy that is produced through human activity the more likely it is to develop sicknesses, destroy precious environments, endanger species, and deplete the atmosphere which will create insufficient living for every living creature in the future. The paper will entail four ways in which we can create a significantly more sustainable lifestyle. The first section is about alternative energies, such as wind turbines and solar energy, and how individuals can support the transformation from fossil fuels to these green energies. Following that, the second section explains the importance of unplugging wasteful powe...

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...This essay demonstrated how the developed world can reduce the pressures on the environment by making the individual changes to reduce amounts of energy. As stated, this can be done by switching to the alternative energies, unplugging wasteful energies, eating locally grown foods, and composting. Some of these changes may take some time, such as converting to wind turbines and biofuel, but if we individually support these changes and accept them, then the transition to these alternative energies will be easier and much more beneficial to the environment. If we respect ourselves and the world we live in, these individual changes should not even be second guessed. By challenging ourselves daily to make the world a better place, the future lives of our children and generations further down the road can live in a really beautiful place. We want to make the change.
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