Essay On Reasons For English Colonization

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A. The English came to what is now North America, then called, British North America for different reasons. Some came for the money and other freedoms, particularly those having to do with religion, and the expansion of territory. As well as, the wish for supremacy and power over other European countries. It was a matter of pride and prestige they obtained by taking over the territories.

A1. England was run by a Parliament and per history had very limited involvement of the monarchy or direct rule by the king. As well as the colonial legislatures; members were elected by property-holding men and governors were given authority to make decisions on behalf of the king. This system our leadership and how it controls its people the reason many
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There were many social factors that encouraged English colonization, but the primary ones were economic and religious. North America provided opportunities for economic growth, that England did not have available to them. For example, in the future colonies, they had more fertile land, and more temperate climates, which would allow for crops with a high monetary value such as cotton and tobacco to be grown. There was also a sign that North America housed English pirates, which brought in a certain amount of economic stimulus. There were many families that believed that locked borders of England were negatively impacting the poverty levels within their country. In addition, slavery was a major economic boost, which encouraged and even forced migration to North…show more content…
There were many reasons and events that led to the American Revolution, but it really all boils down to England being selfish. They wanted to make as much money as they possibly could off the new colonies, feeling a sense of entitlement, as they had provided funds and supplies to the settlers to make the trip in the first place. The British Parliament enacted laws and taxes that affected the economies and the lives of those in the new colonies, but for the benefit of England. The new Americans were not given the same rights under the Parliament as the British people, nor did they have a say in what the Parliamentary decisions. At one point the colonist had enough and began to protest and fight back, leading them down the American Road to Revolution. The Americans no longer wanted to be under Britain’s thumb, and looking for solutions, and knowledge to change that. This led them to a series of actions that began the American Revolution.

The Age of Reason or use of human intellect, reasonable decisions could be made about how people and nations were to conduct their business. Thus, the colonists began to seek the knowledge they needed to separate themselves from Britain. Citizens gained the skills of reading and writing via the enlightenment process, allowing separation from the British because they now understood what was written and how it affected them. This only fueled the fire for the colonists, when it comes to their independence from
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