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Norms And Their Role On Society A Norm is something that is usual, typical, or standard. Therefore, a social norm would be an acceptable behavior that is standard in a social setting, community, or culture. For instance, a social norm is stopping at a red light, not picking your nose in public, and chewing with your mouth closed. These behaviors would be frowned upon if violated by others around you. Social norms, or behaviors vary, for example slurping in Hong Kong and Japan would demonstrate the enjoyment of your meal. If an American were to sit down at a restaurant and slurp their food, they would be making a scene and it would be considered rude and a disturbance. A value is a general standard and a belief that something is worthwhile. A value helps decide what is a desirable and undesirable, or right and wrong. Values also provide for stability and creates a sense of belongingness among people. In particular, the respect for your parents and teachers, honoring the National flag and Anthem but can vary from culture to culture. A folkway is a type of norm that is an everyday behavior that people follow for the sake of convenience or tradition. In other words,…show more content…
I never paid attention to how much importance norms play in our society, and that we even had them to begin with. The reactions people were giving me as I was working out in normal everyday attire were not surprising but extremely embarrassing. I knew I would receive various amounts of negative attention, going into a gym not wearing inappropriate clothing, but I didn 't realize how much a simple outfit played a role in the behavior of others. I wasn 't harming anyone or being inconsiderate to the people around me also working out, they just thought I was crazy. Im assuming if I was being rude or causing a disturbance to the others around me they would complain or not be even more unaccepting of the clothing I was

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