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My breaching experiment involved three social norms. These social norms forced people to be in an uncomfortable situation and make a decision as to how they should react to it. The first social norm I experimented with was sitting next to someone in an uncrowded movie theater. I chose this because of the awkwardness it caused. At all three of my trials, occurring from 1-9 pm, there were over fifty empty seats at Carmike on February 21st. The next social norm I analyzed was sitting in someone’s assigned seat. This was chosen because I felt it would be engrossing to observe the different reactions fellow high school students retaliated with, all being different races. At Liberty High School I took someone’s assigned seat five different times,…show more content…
While breaking the three social norms there was one feeling that I felt was mutual throughout. Breaking those norms made me felt extremely out of place and rude. They made me feel that way because I knew what I was doing wasn 't socially right and people would get mad or be rude to me with their reactions. For the most part throughout my experiment, most people reacted the way I thought they would. You could tell that most people felt awkward or uncomfortable while I was breaking the norm. I faced a couple of difficulties through my assignment when it came to violating the social norms. While trying to break the movie theater norm, it was difficult for me to pick movies with different variety of people and movies that were a little older so less people would be attending them. I also had a little trouble when it came to answering the phone and waiting for the other person to talk first. The problem with this one was that I had to wait for people to actually call me which doesn 't happen that often in this day and age anymore. To conclude, these social norms forced people to be in uncomfortable situations and make a decision as to how they would react to

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