Essay On Racial Formation

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The study of race and its social formation in the article "Racial Formations" by Michael Omi and Howard Winant challenge our socially accepted concepts of "race", race being defined as the social categorization of black, white, yellow and red people. Race plays a pivotal role in society because it has a overwhelming influence on an individuals life choices and outcome. Society has historically placed positive and negative stereotypes on different races. Whites are presented and in many cases perceived as the standard of civility and beauty. People of color are conveniently grouped together as disingenuous to American patriotism in addition to being subjected to perpetuating stereotypes such as being lazy, criminal, and deviant to general society. Race in scientific terms is a fabrication, and societal terms it is a reality. Through the study of race and it's history we are able to understand it as a myth while analyzing it's social implications.

The findings of sociologist Max Weber and anthropologist Franz Boas allow Omi and Winant to support theories of race as a social construct. Weber did not subscribe to race being the cause of social conflict but instead saw political factors and agendas as the driving force behind racial conflict. Boaz rejected scientific racism based on the connection of race and culture and the belief of higher and lower racial groups. Because race is largely determined by geography it is inconsistent scientifically. By studying these findings we are able to see the patterns and affects of race on a socio-political scale and perhaps see the motive behind its implementation and construction.

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... of such widespread hypocrisy. I question how a country that consistently professes to be a "beacon of light" to the rest of the world in areas of humanity covertly and overtly continue to oppress those categorized as "other". It is clearly documented that this nation was not built and maintained by white people yet the social policies of this country reflect a tone of under-appreciation. America is a country that requires loyalty from all but offers loyalty to the chosen few. To compare and contrast C. Matthew Snipp's article "Defining Race and Ethnicity", he asserts that race cannot be real because it's precise definition remains in a constant state of flux and how those shifts benefit some and oppress others. Snipp offered an alternative approach asserting that race is not defined in terms of ethnicity but by mystical, biological, and administrative definitions.
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