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The challenge for law enforcement and cultural awareness, is more unique than in any other profession because of the power held by police. This creates a special need for understanding a multicultural world. The success of the many sides of community policing is dependent on this awareness. In previous courses that I have taken, the instructors taught that times were changing and had been changing due to the influx of immigrants living in America, and that police agencies have to be able to understand what is acceptable in their cultures when they are interacting with them. Understanding the importance of culture and the role that police play is not new to police agencies. Law enforcement throughout the world are becoming more concerned of…show more content…
This police activity is composed of difficult decisions and activities, which include the discretionary use of authority and prevention of crimes by a strong police presence. It also involves maintaining good relations within the community. Cops, at times, have to reach out to citizens to help them do their jobs. Examples include obtaining information in trying to solve a crime and helping to maintain order. About one month ago, we had some individuals come into the store and walk out with some expensive merchandise. The security cameras were unable to read the license plate on the car that they drove off in. Luckily they had work done on their vehicle in the automotive department, and when the police arrived to gather information about it, I was able to aid them in tracking them down because we had their license plate on file. If I am able to help law enforcement in any way, I do so. I know that working in law enforcement is challenging in this day in age, and the levels of trust are not where they should be, so whatever I can do to show other people that cops are there to help, I take advantage of the

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