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Organic Foods in America
Recent years, more and more people start choosing organic food. Organic foods are “the way agricultural products are grown and processed” (Organic Foods). Organic foods often have a lot of requirements. For example, organic crops need to grown in safe soil and has to be separate from conventional products. More than that, farmers cannot use synthetic pesticides (organic foods).Which means organic foods often have a lot of requirements on growing it. According to the research, 63 percent American buys organic foods sometimes (Organic Consumers Association). The research shows that most American buys organic foods. People should be careful on buying organic foods, because organic foods are more expensive than conventional
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First of all, organic foods have less pesticide such as fungicides, herbicides and insecticides (Organic Foods). Synthetic pesticides can reduce the insects on food, so conventional farmers often use the pesticide to increase yield of food. Organic farmers do not use pesticide so they loss more, it causes the short supply on the market. According to the research, “58 percent of Americans claims they prefer to eat organic over non- organic foods. However, organic foods only accounts for 0. 9 percent of total worldwide farmland” (10 reasons organic food is so expensive).The highly demand of organic food causes the high price, and organic farmers want to offset the loss of organic foods as much as possible when they grew it. Additionally, the less using of chemical makes the organic food fresher, because organic foods do not have preservative to make it longer (Organic Foods). The fresher food often tastes good and be healthier to people, so people prefer to buy organic foods. Usually, the performance of food can attract people to buy it. For example, when I bought the food on the market, I prefer to buy organic food which looks fresh because it seems to be health and comfortable to me. However, I found organic food cost me 10 percent more than buying conventional foods. The highly cost may be a pressure for me as a student. People should pay attention on the price when they are…show more content…
The customers cannot see the process to plant organic foods. However, organic foods have to follow the specific standards which are regulated by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). “Crops are generally grown without synthetic pesticides, artificial fertilizers, and irradiation animals on organic farms eat organically grown feed, are not confined 100 percent of the time and are raised without antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones” ( Jessica). Organic farmers need to follow the rules to grow the foods. Then the USDA will give the USDA organic label. For the people who are doubt the truth of organic foods. They can check the labels to make them feel comfortable on buying it. On the label, it shows the ingredients of the organic foods. If the food is completely organic, the label may show 100 percent organic on the label. Also, if the label shows organic which means the food contains 95 percent organic. Meanwhile, the food has less than 70 percent organic; it cannot have the label of USDA (Organic foods). The USDA is a credible department to follow the standards of the government so the customers who are doubt the organic foods can trust on it. When they want to buy the organic food, they can check the ingredients of the food to find out the organic food that they want. In additional, the customers who like buying organic food should be careful to check
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