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Introduction Over the past two decades, new research has significantly enhanced humans’ understanding of the brain’s development and function. Consequently, the effect of nutrition on brain development is increasingly acknowledged. Therefore, this report aims to evaluate the importance of nutrition for children’s cognitive development. Cognitive development is the growth in thinking and learning skills such as problem-solving and memory, which continues from childhood into adolescence and throughout adulthood. Since the human brain development (which correlates with cognitive development) primarily occurs during conception and the first years of life, this report mainly focuses on nutrition’s role in early childhood cognitive development. …show more content…

Secondly, the indisputable effect of maternal nutrition during pregnancy on the child’s brain development is discussed thoroughly. Lastly, the importance of nutrition is weighed against other major factors that affect cognitive development, including biological and other environmental influences. The report is inferring that, through technological advancements, greatly improved neuroimaging methods have enabled an increase in these emerging findings on the role of nutrition in brain development. Therefore, the significant role of nutrition in children’s cognitive development is strongly …show more content…

This emphasises the importance of nutrition in children’s cognitive development since docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), a long-chain omega-3 fatty acid is essential for neurological development. DHA is significant in the function of the nervous system as it is a main component of nerve cell membranes. As neurotransmission is dependent on the integrity of nerve cell membranes, sufficient content of DHA is important in facilitating neurotransmission and hence optimal cognitive

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