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' 'The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing. ' ' ~ John PowellAn error, mistake, blooper, blunder, slip up, crime. Call it what you like, if you make a major mistake at work, you have to tell your boss; it 's not something that can be buried or overlooked when it hits the bottom line and threatens the company or organization financially, reputation-wise or otherwise. The sooner the better and the more open, honest and helpful that you can be about the matter, the higher chances of resolving it quickly and with greater chances of you keeping your position.
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== Steps ==
An error, mistake, blooper, blunder, or slip-up. Call it what you like, if you make a major mistake at work, you have …show more content…

Getting fired from one job can harm your future chances of employment, if you act out in a way that leads to the involvement of police or lawyers.
===Correcting an Error===
#Take the lead on sorting out the problem. It’s your mistake and your responsibility. Therefore, you should also be wholly involved in resolving the issue.[[Image:Tell Your Boss You 've Made a Major Mistake Step 4 Version 2.jpg|center]]
#*While taking the lead on fixing things would be the best case scenario, keep in mind that your boss may not allow this. Be flexible and agreeable if the boss wants you to work with others or is skeptical about you handling it alone.
#*Stay positive even if you are getting negative feedback from around you. There was a mistake made and co-workers may comment about it, but your focus should be on making things right, not the drama around the office.
#Formulate a plan with your boss’s help. Ask your boss for direction and do as you are told. This is a time to show you can take a bad situation and make it better—it may not be the most appropriate time to try to wing …show more content…

Use your past mistakes as teaching moments for the future. Show your boss your ability to improve by documenting the mistake and any insights you earned as a result. This is helpful for you in terms of preventing similar errors to come, and also helps demonstrate progress when you come up for evaluation at work.[[Image:Tell Your Boss You 've Made a Major Mistake Step 5 Version 2.jpg|center]]
#*Many times an error paves the way for innovation. Share an idea with your boss about a way you intend on changing your approach, so these types of errors don’t happen again. Any major changes will usually require agreement from your boss. However, brainstorming new approaches at least shows initiative.
#Avoid multi-tasking. Take special care to manage your tasks so you have the time to focus on completing them one at time so you are not risking making needless mistakes.
#*Take this mistake as a chance to look at other things you may need to change about your work habits. You might need to clean up your desk to avoid losing important papers or find a better way to manage emails to avoid using the wrong email

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