Exemplification Essay: Do People Make Mistakes?

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Everyone realizes that the people around them are not perfect and that sometimes people need to forgive and forget to move on with life. In some cases forgiving and getting are an option, but in others it may not. Depending on the circumstances what a person says now may be the last thing someone hears in their life because no one is promised tomorrow. Mistakes happen but people need to be careful with what they do. Life changes everyday and people wish they had one more chance to fix things that went wrong but sometimes you cannot go back in time. Everyone makes mistakes, it is not uncommon for people to make multiple mistakes a day. Mistakes are something that happens in the most casual way, it could just be running into someone walking. People make mistakes and people give forgiveness, but sometimes if the mistake was impactful, forgiveness may be hard to gain. Everyone wishes for a one more chance at fixing a mistake, but once the action is done or the words have been said people cannot take it back as easy as they think. …show more content…

People wish for one more chance to just see their loved one one more time. Death is a hard thing to cope with and people hope for one more chance to get to see and talk to their loved one. One more chance to seeing their glowing smile. One more chance to talk to them and tell them you love them. Just one more chance to give that person that was so dear in a life, just one more hug. People who have been through death realize that the want and need of one more chance to see them because they are gone form the word. The person they held so close to them is gone and there is no getting the loved one back. 'The end of life, as we know it, should be and is the beginning of your life without that person," she explains. "It won't be the same, but it will still be life. You must make the adjustment without the physical presence of that loved one on a regular basis." (Christian

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