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Within the field of archaeology, migration theory has become somewhat of a fad, one in which it rises and falls in popularity as new information or tools are developed. While migration and archaeology often go hand in hand, particularly when discussing prehistoric populations, archaeologists often find it hard to incorporate migration studies into their research studies. The appropriate tools for incorporating migration seamlessly into research methods are still in their infancy. As a result, archaeologists often interoperate migration as something chaotic and poorly understood (Anthony 1990). It stands to reason that archaeologists are having such a hard time incorporating migration into everyday research when one comprehensive definition of Migration has yet to be reached (Willers 2008).
Migration theories and patters are often thought of as chaotic and poorly understood, though not because they are thought of as unimportant in the field of archaeology. On the contrary, they are thought of as important and potentially linked to further understanding cultural evolution (Anthony 1990). It is the fact that archeologists lack the theory and methods that might allow them to incorporate migration into the explanation of culture that places it in the realm of the chaotic and poorly understood (Anthony 1990).
Theories and hypothesis about migration have been tossed around for years. Some of these theories and hypothesis end up being farfetched once fully researched this however, does not stop new theories from being created. Thompson stated that “there does not seem to be a migration hypothesis too preposterous not to have been suggested by someone (1958: vi).” Despite being debunked archaeologically, some of these preposterous hypoth...

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...them to help understand the past (Willers 2008).
It has been noted that utilizing data and models derived from living populations may not be suitable for identifying movements of past populations. Conditions today are vastly different from earlier times. Many of the migrations studied that are undertaken on todays populations are among populations who are technically advanced compared to very early prehistoric populations. The fear is that because of the technologically advanced nature of these populations that migration patterns differ from those of prehistoric populations. Tendencies and preferences may not be the same as they once were. It may never be identified if modern migrations are similar or vastly different from prehistoric ones, but for the time being it is one of the only tools we can utilize to try and get a glimpse of what life was like in the past.

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