The Great Migration Essay

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The Great Migration, a significant event in the history of the Black people of the country began in the first quarter of the 20th century, and lasted for nearly two quarters, ending in 1970s. This event is generally referred to the mass exodus of the Black people from the rural regions of the South to the urban regions of the North, West and Midwest. This event not only had a significant impact on the urban life of the country, but also forever altered the dynamics between the racially different populations in the American cities. This exodus was partly influenced by the discriminatory practices of the rural South, and the large scale requirement of industrial workers during the First World War. This led to a series of events, especially concerning…show more content…
Dwight Thompson Farnham, who encouraged further segregation of White and Non White workers within factories, and more rigorous supervision of the Black people because they were prone to laziness and slack. These observations made by Farnham were defended by many of his peers, who linked efficiency with race. Farnham himself attributed greater supervisory skills to the Irish migrant workers, who he considered to be more robust and suited to grueling work, and more dedicated to their supervisory roles. At the time, he was taken seriously because his suggestions were considered to be largely well meaning thoughts of an experienced and learned man, who wanted to preserve the 'American ' way of life and the social order that had been persisting since before the Civil War. However, these observations have been found to be true in the recent times also, with most managers believing that there may be racial differences in efficiency, when it comes to hard, physical work. Still, the physiological and psychological perspectives were not considered at the time, with consideration solely being given to the fact that he society did not want the Blacks and Whites to

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