Essay On Latin American Immigration

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Taha Topiwala
Path to achieve the dream Latin American immigration is a difficult political, economic and social issue today. It has brought about lot of thinking minds to questions its importance and significance to the immigrants immigrating to the United States.This paper focuses on the recent actions that have been taking place over the past decade concerning immigration and the uprising of social movements regarding immigration near the US-Mexico border and in certain areas in the United States including the Dream Act and its benefits. What brings these Latin American people to the United States? The majority of the motivating factor include are the lack of resources in their native lands and the opportunity for having a better life in the United States and achieving the American Dream. Is the American dream a myth or a reality? But to realize that …show more content…

One such example that was written about in the New Orlean Chronicle is a story about Rios and Roceal de Leon. One day when Rios and his friend Roceal were walking to the grocery store with his son 4 years old riding a tricycle beside him were pulled over by the cops who drove past them in a SUV. The police officer got out and told them not to move and remain silent while he checked who they were. The law enforcement officer pushed the child away and kicked his tricycle. When Rios tried to explain by saying that he was a citizen and that they were legally staying the agent responded by saying, “shut the fuck up; you’re going to make it worse for yourself.” When Rois and Roceal were asked to be fingerprinted in the SUV the officer found out that Rios indeed of a citizen and Roceal was deported back in a few months. This incident left the child traumatized and leaving him scared of law enforcement officials

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