Kennedy's Life, Leadership, and Legacy

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Which American president deserves to be titled the best? This question cannot be answered simply, nor matter of factly, for every answer would be a varying opinion. However, a collective voice of patriots would agree that John Fitzgerald Kennedy would give all others a run for their money. He was viewed not only as an inspirational leader, but also as an honest, loving man who quickly morphed into the only ray of hope that Americans had seen in quite some time. People trusted him to rejuvenate the country in a peaceful and courageous way -- standing up to intimidators, restoring order in mass chaos, aiding the weak and feeble, and guiding the nation to a glorious time filled with prosperity and joy. Though. his role in leading the nation was ended before his goals could be obtained, John F. Kennedy was one of the most influential presidents in American history in multiple aspects of politics and society, including foreign relations, racial discrepancies, and uniting not only the nation, but the world, through peace. Growing up in Brookline, Massachusetts with a wealthy Irish family consisting of a father, mother, and nine siblings, John Kennedy, the second oldest, was accustomed to a luxurious life. Regretfull, he was also riddled with sicknesses of multiple degrees, often pushing him near death. However, this does not mean he did not have to work to achieve his success. Throughout his schooling, he was seen as a troublemaker who simply did not receive top marks, despite being obviously brilliant in the rare instances in which he applied himself (“John F. Kennedy”). This lack of commitment was a trait that he did not outgrow in Harvard, the college he attended. Being a handsome and charming young man, he was exceedingly popular w... ... middle of paper ... ...d as an amazing person and a brilliant individual who lead the nation in an unforgettable way. Work Cited “9 Heartfelt Condolence Letters Jackie Kennedy Received from Famous People.” Buzz Feed Politics. N.p. 20 November 2013. Web. 29 December 2013. “John F. Kennedy.” Bio. True Story. 2013. Web. 4 December 2013. “Kennedy, “Inaugural Address,” Speech Text.” Voices of Democracy. NEH. n.d. Web. 3 December 2013. Khan, Huma. “On 50th Anniversary of Kennedy’s Inauguration, JFK’s call to Service Still Resounds.” ABC News. N.p. 20 January 2011. Web. 29 December. “Legacy.” American Experience PBS. WGBH. n.d. Web. 4 December 2013. May, Ernest R. “John F. Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis.” BBC. N.p. 2013. Web. 4 December 2013. “President John F. Kennedy’s University of Washington Speech.” Primary Sources. N.p. n.d. Web. 29 December 2013.
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