Health Promotion Plan

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Often in practice, we as nurses deal with a variety of diseases and treatments and often have to react to the illness that the patient presents with upon our interaction. While this is an essential piece of our practice, we also have a duty to our patients to be proactive in preventing specific health-related consequences based on their risk factors and to promote their health and well being. Health promotion as it relates to nursing is about us empowering our patients to increase their control over their lives and well beings and includes: focusing on their health not just illness, empowering our patients, recognizing that health involves many dimensions and is also effected by factors outside of their control (Whitehead et al. 2008).. This paper will provide as an example to how we as nurses can be successful in applying the nursing process and various technological advances to promote the health and well being of our patients. Involved in this process, we must include the following criteria: a understanding of health promotion, a value of health promotion, strategies and content to promote health, involve the patient in the process, address barriers to successful health promotion, and utilize facilitators to health promotion (Whitehead et al. 2008).. We must not focus only on where the patient’s health status is currently but on promoting the positive well being they want to and can move to with our aid and encouragement. This author met with a patient named JB to assess her current health status as well as her needs to ensure her health and well being or as she put it to “make sure she is her in the future for her children”. JB was an engaging and honest patient that had the eagerness and desire to improve her curren... ... middle of paper ... ... focus on promotion health and prevention regarding diabetes, we can slow this pace down for the sake of our patients and their families’ health and well being. Works Cited Whitehead, D., Wang, Y., Wang, J., Zhang, J., Sun, Z., & Xie, C. (2008). Health promotion and health education practice: nurses' perceptions. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 61(2), 181-187. Castro, F., Shaibi, G. Q., & Boehm-Smith, E. (2009). Ecodevelopmental contexts for preventing type 2 diabetes in Latino and other racial/ethnic minority populations. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 32(1), 89-105. Schulze, M. B., & Hu, F. B. (2005). PRIMARY PREVENTION OF DIABETES: What Can Be Done and How Much Can Be Prevented?. Annual Review of Public Health, 26(1), 445-467. Wyness, L. (2009). Understanding the role of diet in type 2 diabetes prevention. British Journal of Community Nursing, 14(9), 374.

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